# 1. Fiscal responsibility is a basic "must do". This means that I will watch to make sure every dollar is spent wisely. We must eliminate any waste. We must also look to increase our revenue streams. One specific idea is to provide services of real value to our community (e.g. high-quality afterschool enrichment programs). The other must-do is to provide strong communication about the District's real, positive progress -- so we lay the groundwork for community support of our schools.

Teaching and Learning are at the heart of our mission, and that is where I want to focus the bulk of my energy

#2. I will ensure we support our teachers and educators to be at their best -- by providing them with effective professional development, data and the best of local/global resources. I will be a thoughtful steward regarding the "pace of change". The request I hear most frequently from teachers is to provide them with time and ongoing support.

# 3. I will improve communication efforts between the District and our community (parents and non-parents), and with Sequoia and Carlmont high schools. I pledge to be present on all seven of our schools, and seek to understand the needs of our various parent communities, and to understand the needs of educators, principals and staff.

#4. Philosophically, I believe we need to support the whole child. We want our children to thrive academically, socially, emotionally and physically. Thus, I will seek to ensure that our schools have art, music, physical education and counselors. Our curriculum should provide our children with critical life-skills (i.e. organization, responsibility, leadership, friendship) and inspire them to be strong citizens and stewards of our world.


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